Thursday, December 8, 2011


I´ve learned several new words while traveling (such as pezones and peluqueria), but today I used a word I´ve known for a long time. My fellow NYC teachers know that ¨ladron¨means ¨thief,¨ so today when my iPhone was ripped out of my hand by a guy on a bicycle in Buenos Aires, I chased after him and screamed ¨ladron!¨ Unfortunately, that didn´t make him return it.

The good news is that I´m safe and he didn´t get anything else; the bad news is that a good chunk of Mini Bear´s most recent photos were on the phone. (And to think I had just finally posted on the blog about her upcoming photos! Of course I would be robbed by a ladron who appreciates irony!) Don´t worry, there´ll still be plenty of photos to come but now you´ll understand why there´ll be so few photos of Rio, Uruguay, and a few Argentine cities.

Good thing I hadn´t yet upgraded to the iPhone 4...!

(Seriously though, Mini Bear and I are safe and sound. No need to worry, mom & dad.)

A Preview of Things to Come

Mini Bear sends greetings from Argentina! As she is a bear on the go, it´s hard to update the blog and upload photos from the road, so you can expect the blog to be updated with photos, stories, and good stuff from her around Christmas or New Years.

In the meantime, here´s a list of countries she´s been to so far:
Bosnia & Herzegovina



New Zealand


and, as of next week, Antarctica!

Monday, November 7, 2011


Welcome to Mini Bear's travel blog! Mini Bear is an adventurous little bear who loves to see the world and make new friends. Since she has no individual fingers and I already act as her photographer, I will also be writing up her blog posts. We look forward to sharing her travels with you!